Handheld Optical Power Meter+ 1mw Fiber Optic Laser Visual Fault Locator,Red Laser Fiber Optic Cable Tester

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Handheld Optical Power Meter 1mw Fiber Optic Laser Visual Fault Locator,Red Laser Fiber Optic Cable Tester

Handheld Optical Power Meter is the company introduced a new product , the appearance of the atmosphere, large screen display , feel good, for the installation , providing more accurate, durable and portable test instrument operation and maintenance of fiber optic networks. With a smart appearance, backlight display and optional automatic switch -off function , wide range of optical power test , accurate test precision and user self-calibration function and universal interface design, while the linear indicators (mW) and nonlinear index (dBm ) with the screen display .
Product Features
User self-calibration function
Linear (mW) and nonlinear index (dBm) displayed simultaneously
Unique FC / SC generic interface , without complicated conversion
The optional automatic shutdown
Optional on / off the display backligh
Wavelength Range
800 ~ 1700
Probe Type
Photosensitive surface diameter (um)
Power Measurement Range
-70 ~ 10
± 5%
Standard wavelength (nm)
Display Resolution
Linear Display : 0.1% of the number display : 0.01dBm
Operating Temperature
-10 ~ 60
Storage Temperature
-25 ~ 70
Automatic shutdown time (min)
Power supply
AA  battery   without  BATTERY
Light red pen red light pen visual fault detector
The latest push-button switch to prevent accidental activation key style, a waste of electricity.
Link Loss Test
Can be optical attenuator calibration source
Product Features
— With low battery detection indicator.
— Written design is easy to carry.
— 1mW output power, 1-5 km test distance.
Model   1
Output Power   > 1mW
Output wavelength   650nm
2Hz    Have
Connector Type
Universal Interface
Battery    AA batteries (5 #) without battery
Storage Temperature
-20 — 70
Operating Temperature
-10 — 60
Laser Type   LD

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